Update on Matchbook

13 Mar Update on Matchbook

Matchbook are having a revamp. The sports exchange platform has revealed plans to create a “familiar experience” to customers who traditionally bet on sportsbooks.

“We are very optimistic about attracting the more retail section of customers,” Matchbook CTO Iarfhlaith Kelly told EGR Intel.

“Some of the difficulty in bringing the retail customers over is the perceived complexity of the exchange. Part of the improvement we will be making with the interface is really giving retail customers a familiar experience.

“When they see they can get great value and it is a superior product then we’ll start to release more features.

“We have a strong roadmap of features on the way. I won’t commit to anything specific; we’ll let the releases speak for themselves.”

“As a brand, Matchbook understands that each unique bettor on our exchange has different needs and desires,” Kelly said. “It’s all about providing the right experience for each customer, and our goal over the next 12 months is to have as many different versions of Matchbook as there are Matchbook customers.”

We’re looking forward to seeing their new features. To read a review of their platform click here >