1. What are your opening hours? Bet-Football are online during these hours: Monday – Friday 9.30am – 8.00pm GMT / 10.30am – 9.00pm CET Weekends and UK Bank Holidays 10.00am – 6.00pm GMT / 11.00am – 7.00pm CET We are closed on Christmas Day.


1. Are you licensed and is it safe to keep funds with you? Bet-Football is fully licensed by E-Gambling Montenegro, license number 0032. We are legally required to maintain sufficient funds to honour all customer deposits and winnings.


1. How do I set up an account with you, what is required? Registering with Bet-Football is easy. Simply fill in the REGISTRATION FORM and one of our support team members will get in touch with you. We will require some additional documentation for KYC and verification purposes.

2. What KYC documents are required? 1 x form of photo identification (passport, citizen card, photo driving license) 1 x proof of address dated within 3 months (utility bill, credit card bill, bank statement) Occasionally, we may require a bank statement of the account where funds are transferred to/from to comply with international AML standards.

3. Is my personal information safe with your company? Yes, all accounts are set-up anonymously and all of our client’s information are confidential. We never pass on the information to third parties without your consent. Please view our PRIVACY POLICY for more information.


1. What bookies do you offer? At the moment, we offer accounts with Orbit Exchange, Zedee Spreads, M8Bet, 1Bet, 18Bet, IBC Bet, SBO Bet, Bet ISN, Pinnacle Sports, Singbet, Matchbook and Betdaq. If you require something specific that is not listed, please CONTACT our support team and we’ll see if we can help.

2. Can I have all the bookies you offer? Yes, we advise this to ensure our clients get the best value from all the bookies on offer.

3. Is it possible to transfer my balance from one bookmaker to another? Yes, simply make a request via Skype or email and our support team will handle this request for you.

4. How much does your service cost? Our service is completely free.

5. If your service is free, then what do you get out of it? We are paid commissions for generating turnover on the sportsbooks and betting exchanges. When making referrals to bet brokers and betting software platforms, we are paid a referral fee by the firms providing the service.

6. Do I still have to pay Premium Charges on my account? When applicable yes, where your agent’s account wins more than the threshold, a Premium Charge may still apply, which will be deducted from your account for each week where you qualify.

7. How can I contact your support team? Our support team are available mainly on Skype and EMAIL. You may also reach us by telephone during business hours.

8. What happens after I’ve registered? Our support team will get in touch with you straight away to identify your needs. Once you have made your first deposit and funds are cleared, your account will be set up with Bet-Football. We will deposit funds on your behalf to your chosen bookmakers/exchanges. At any time, you can CONTACT our team to make additional deposits, transfer funds between bookmakers and accounts, or request withdrawals.

9. What do I need to do if I lost my password? If you’ve forgotten your password, CONTACT US us via Skype or email and our team will be happy to reset your password.


1. What currencies can you offer and what happens if I deposit GBP, but want multiple currency accounts? The currencies that we offer differ slightly depending on the Sportsbook/Exchange. Typically we offer GBP, EUR and HKD. You may open as many currency accounts as you need in the four currencies that we offer. If there is the need to make an exchange conversion, please check our exchange table HERE for the latest rates. Exchange rates are updated every Monday.


1. What payment options do you provide? We offer deposits and withdrawals via bank transfer, Skrill and Neteller. You will be sent our bank details upon account setup and you may CONTACT our support team at any time for our payments details.

2. Do you charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals? If so, how much? Bet-Football does not charge a fee for any of our client’s choice of deposits, but please do note the payment method you decide may charge you directly and fees can vary. Also, we will process 1 withdrawal request equal to or greater than £200/€200 or currency equivalent per week free of charge but will apply a fee equal to 1% of the amount for any additional request (€1 minimum applies). The fee will be deducted from the requested amount so you will effectively receive the amount you requested minus 1%. Smaller withdrawals can be processed but will be subject to a £2/€2 admin fee. Also, please note you will need to have staked at least the same amount of your first deposit before requesting a withdrawal. Please be aware that any withdrawals by bank transfer requested for an amount lower than €1,000 will be subject to €20 processing fee, while any bank transfer requested for amounts higher than €1,000 will be processed free of charge.

3. How much is the minimum deposit and withdrawal? The minimum deposit amount for bank transfers is £/€5,000. Please be aware that any withdrawals by bank transfer requested for an amount lower than €1,000 will be subject to €20 processing fee, while any bank transfer requested for amounts higher than €1,000 will be processed free of charge. For all other payment methods, the minimum deposit is £300/€300 or currency equivalent and the minimum free withdrawal is £200/€200 or currency equivalent for each account you hold and not cumulative across more than one account. Smaller withdrawals can be processed but will be subject to a £2/€2 admin fee.

4. What do I do after making a deposit? Once funds have been cleared, your account will be setup with Bet-Football and we will deposit the funds on your behalf into your chosen betting solution.

5. How can I make a withdrawal? Simply request your withdrawal amount via EMAIL or Skype and our support team will guide you through the process quickly and securely. Bank transfers that are requested after 4pm on Fridays through the weekend will be submitted the following Monday.


1. How do I keep track of my transactions with you? Upon request, we can send you a statement summarising all deposits, withdrawals, betting P&L and account transfers if you have taken accounts with several bookmakers or exchanges. We do not produce these details unless requested. If you have one account with us, just login to that relevant site to check your transactions.


1. Do you offer credit? As we are not a bookmaker, but rather a betting solution provider – we take a very cautious approach to credit risk to safeguard our clients’ funds. For this reason, we very rarely offer credit and in the rare cases when we do, this is only approved after stringent credit check with a security deposit.

2. Where can I view your Terms and Conditions? All important information can be viewed here: (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy)

3. I am interested in working with you, how do I get in touch? If you’re interesting in working with us or have an idea for a potential business partnership, please get in touch. Email us at info@bet-football.com