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• Established in 2017

• Open 24/7 - including early and in-running markets.

• Bet acceptance is super fast!

• Experts in sports spread betting.

• Wide variety of Soccer markets to choose from.

• Educational Guides and Tooltips across the site.

• Available in 3 languagese.

• Potential to win a lot more vs fixed odds betting

• Uses your sports knowledge - the more right you are the more you win, but also the more wrong you are you can lose more

• Don’t have to wait until end of event to see result, can bet throughout the event and change your opinion


Zedee Spreads the newest sports spreads product to hit the market. It has a smart-looking site design and is a very exciting offering. As experts in sports spread betting, they feature Soccer and Cricket markets with more sports such as Basketball, American Football, Golf, Tennis to come.

Launched in 2017, we have tried the product and find that the bet acceptance is super fast! Bets can be placed 24/7 so that is very convenient, they offer a wide variety of markets across Early and Live matches.

For beginners, the Guides section of the site is very educational and there are Tooltips across the site so you can read how each market works, how the betslip is calculated and how bets would be calculated in more depth on the right hand side banner. The site is available across various types of devices too.  

Supremacy and Total Goals are 2 of the most popular markets offered by all sports spread betting firms. Zedee Spreads have decided to try and take the markets further and introduce a series of mini Supremacy and Total Goals markets. You can bet on Supremacy and Total Goals in 15 minute periods throughout a match. You can also bet on 1st Half or 2nd Half Supremacy and Total Goals.

Zedee Spreads also wanted to bridge the gap between sports spread betting and fixed odds betting by introducing a range of 0-100 Index markets, which work on a similar basis to traditional fixed odds bets, but incorporate the buying and selling nature of spreads. These new markets are known as “Fixed Odds Spreads”. It’s a great introduction to sports spread betting for mainstream sportsbook players.